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Any file found on this site is not supported in any way by Lightyear Studios, however if you find a bug in any of our programs, e-mail it to us and we'll try to fix it for you. Known bugs are stated in the readme files. YOU MAY POST LIGHTYEAR STUDIOS PROGRAMS ON YOUR WEBSITE AS LONG AS YOU GIVE US CREDIT!!!
IF you have a TI-Calculator website, email your web address to us.
Programs We have in Construction:

EarthQuest-A lot like CityQuest, you have to beat people up and drink beer. The story has changed a bit, though. It's really cool so far. For TI-83/+. No plans to be ported to the 89 (for now).

HicQuest-Our version, a lot like EarthQuest and CityQuest. For the TI-83/+. Plan to port it to the 89, eventually.

DnD: Quest-A DnD game for the 83/+. Despite the name, however, it isn't at all like CityQuest. We do have some plans for some sequels. For the TI-83/+

Urban Legend: Brenda's Revenge-Description not available. For the TI-83/+

BSB Quest-Description not available. For the TI-83/+

Calcpet Avdanced-This is the next Calcpet, the one described on the 'Sequel' screen of Calcpet. For the TI-83/+

Ideas that we're planning to make, but maybe not for some time:

  • Scream 83+
  • Pop Star
  • Celebrity Deathmatch
  • Jackass
  • Moo Moo Quest
  • School Day
  • HTML Help
  • final cut: Soloman's Revenge
  • Dang! I Died Again!
  • Forest
  • Chef I: A Master is Born
  • Chef II: Cheez Whiz City
  • Chef III: Yummies
  • Chev IV: The Famine
  • Chef V: What, Another one?
  • Chef VI: The Chef Dies
  • Jackass II: More Jackass Stunts
  • Game
  • Calcpet Advanced: Directors Cut
  • Saving Ryan's Privates
  • October Sky