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Any file found on this site is not supported in any way by Lightyear Studios, however if you find a bug in any of our programs, e-mail it to us and we'll try to fix it for you. Known bugs are stated in the readme files. YOU MAY POST LIGHTYEAR STUDIOS PROGRAMS ON YOUR WEBSITE AS LONG AS YOU GIVE US CREDIT!!!
IF you have a TI-Calculator website, email your web address to us.
Lightyear Studios File Archives
ALL FILES ARE SELF-EXTRACTING .EXE's. This means you DO NOT need an un-zipper. Just double-click on the file once it's downloaded, and tell it were to install to. ALL of these have a Readme.TXT file included in them. I would recomend putting all files in seperate folders.

TI-83+ files, no ASM, BASIC only at the moment unfortunalty. All TI-83+ files here have a TI-83 version included.

TI-89 files, sorry, we have none at the moment.

See all the files that we are working on.