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Any file found on this site is not supported in any way by Lightyear Studios, however if you find a bug in any of our programs, e-mail it to us and we'll try to fix it for you. Known bugs are stated in the readme files. YOU MAY POST LIGHTYEAR STUDIOS PROGRAMS ON YOUR WEBSITE AS LONG AS YOU GIVE US CREDIT!!!
IF you have a TI-Calculator website, email your web address to us.
About us:
Founded 03/10/01, in McKinney, Texas, Lightyear Studios is a small group of teenaged programmers that own TI-83+'s. We are fairly good at programming in BASIC, but have no experience in ASM. The TI-89 section is there because we feel like the 89 is a great calculator and we like it. Also, every one of our 83+ programs has an 83 version of it included, because the 83 and 83+ BASIC is so close, it is mearly a matter of 'copy and paste' in TI-GraphLink. Most of the programs we have created were done on the calculator before the Studios were formed, and all of the 'About' screens had to be changed to 'This program produced by: Lightyear Studios', it took a little while. We hope you like our creations as much as we do.